Jewellery photography

Jewellery photography is a tricky business, if it doesnt look good, people won't buy it!! You will be amazed the difference that good clear pictures of your products will make, we have over 10 years experience of website photography specialising in jewellery items. If you like the look of our pictures and want to use them for similar looking items that you sell....please don't!!   We regularly check for unlawful use of our images.


Website photography is important if you are looking to run a sucessful online shop, if your pictures dont look great then sales will suffer. Small items like jewelelry are very hard to get good images of without specialist cameras, macros lenses and good quality lighhting systems.

We do not use any photographic enhancement programmes with our personal website pictures, finding it a lot easier to just get good quality pictures in the 1st instance without having to resort to photo enhancing programmes, but we can use these if you would like us to further enhance your images.  All images used on our websites are the direct property of D & J Bolton and may not be used by anyone  for any reason without written permision from us to do so. We will actively seek payment for use of any images that we find on any website or publication, and all images are protected by law, whether they show the © symbol or not.

If you need any items photographed for your own exclusive use and would like a quote please ask for further details, we would be more than happy to help.