About Us

We are based in the UK and having been trading since 1989.   

Jules started out retailing silver jewellery and gradually found a niche market specialising in body piercing jewellery.

With one of the UK's 1st body piercing jewellery manufacturers being local to us, we found that the body piercing jewellery industry was for us!!

We have since moved from the basic surgical steel single & double jewelled belly bars, tongue bars and BCRs (that was all that was available when we started), to having our own ornate and unusual designs made for us. We use UK manufacturers wherever possible, and only use suppliers that we know and trust to supply the best available materials. We ensure that everyone who supplies us can show clarification that the body jewellery is the quality we need.  We do also supply some of our body jewellery wholesale to genuine full time traders and body piercing studios, and if you need to know details of this, please contact us for further details.